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have you ever done an inductive bible study with your teens?
if so, how did it go?
if not, why not?

i'm currently writing an inductive Bible study about the Holy Spirit. just wondering, what your response is to the idea.

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  1. Blogger Grant 

    I am assuming that by inductive, you mean walking your students through scripture/stories as opposed to a Bible Study book written specifically on the HS.

    My 2 pennies - start with the back half of John, Jesus talks about the Spirit, have your crew read it and come back with modern glimpses of what that might look like....

    move to Acts for your second part...

    is this what you mean?

  2. Blogger Jason Retherford 

    I think inductive studies opens up the possibilites of better conversation and promotes more of an interest to approaching the Word.

    I try to use a little bit of lectio divina with my kids and they really like it, and I am finding it speaks to their current situation.

    I am assuming that by inductive you mean also that they come to the conclusions themselves, the study leaves things open instead of you totally dominating the topic, inductive Bible study would leave room for questions, some that can't be answered.

  3. Blogger jeremy 

    yes, by inductive i mean it leaves the conclusions and application up to the teens themselves. thanks for the comments. keep them coming.

    honestly, i;ve never taught teens this way before.

  4. Blogger CL 

    I love this way of presenting to teens. We have done this a lot on Wednesday nights, it has made our kids really stop and realize that they are part of the story. Jeremy, when your finished with that type of study on the Spirit, I would love a copy. - I'll buy one. It also needs to be used in our adult studies.

  5. Blogger JD 

    I think it is a good idea.

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