Junior high ideas

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Being in a small ministry of about 30 students it's tempting to keep the students together, but I know that this is not truly the best thing. One thing I hear parents say is that they would like to see more unity in the youth group. And by this, they mean for their kid to be friends with every kid in the group whether a 6th grader or 12th grader. I'm not sure that this is a biblical model of unity.

I guess what I'd like to hear from you veterans is, how to strike balance in a ministry of 20-40 students with such a diverse age group? I'm the only staff member with only a team of abuot 5 adults with a heart for working consistently with these kids. What do you do to meet the challenges of programming at appropriate levels with limited time and resources so that you don't spread yourself too thin while at the same time making every age group feel like they are important to you?

I'm at a church family that takes a traditional approach to Sundays and Wednesdays, so Sunday mornings I do keep the 6th-8th graders separate from the HS students. Does anyone have any good ideas for curriculum for JH on Sunday mornings?

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