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For those of you who work with smaller ministries like mine (25-40 students in grades 6-college) how do you program in age-appropriate ways without killing yourself? The more I try to be specific and reach students where they are, the more time it takes from me personally. It's so tempting to just plan for the entire group, but I know that's not good. My summer schedule is especially grueling as I try to reach students where they are in effective, appropriate ways. It can be overwheming at times. I'd love your input and reflections on this if you've got the time.

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  1. Blogger CL 


    The #1 thing I have learned, and I just learned it is - People not Programs, Tasty trips to the diner not Trips to Tennessee. That has become a mantra if you will for me. You know relationships, and then I do a couple - three trips during during the summer all with a purpose. 1- Local Mission 2 - Servant Evangelism Mission 3- One wild wacky fun trip - just for fun, ultimately for team building and hanging out together, somehow it works.

    My point is this summer I have spent more time just hanging out with kids. I call some of them everyday. At random, they come over and we watch movies, I grab a couple of them some days and we go to a movie or lunch or something else. I have just taken things a bit different direction and it did two things for us/me:

    1- It gave me balance with my family in a way I haven't had in a LOOOONNNGGGG time.

    2- I am spending more time discipling our kids and they are taking the lead.

    It is perfect but it may help you. It helped me save money on BIG events, and it my kids appreciate the one on one time.

    Also, if you get a chance a book that really encourage you s called "The Ministry of Nurture" by Duffy Robbins, it is a good read from a guy who understands the challenges we all deal with. It also helps that I have an eldership that likes this philosphy of ministry - not program driven but people driven although we are, but that's another post.

    God bless you brother. I hope this helps a little bit and I didn't just ramble for ten minutes.

  2. Blogger CL 

    I also meant to sat it's NOT perfect. Have a great day brother.

  3. Blogger Gman 

    Delegation comes in well too. Don't do all the relationship building on your own - otherwise you will kill yourself!!

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