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As I continue relationships with those who have graduated from college and reflect upon their experiences, very few point to the big events or great sermons. Most seem to reflect on the conversations they had with me or someone else, the late nights in my home just talking, making rounds at a hospital with me or someone else. The more I examine Christ's ministry the more convinced I become that our ministry needs to focus more on content than program. I can't count the number of times I have developed a theological point from a movie clip, drama presentation, or game rather than use those things as vehicles. I can't even begin to count the times I've spent more time setting up the object lesson than spending time in the Word that changes lives upon which the object lesson was built.

Jesus wasn't flashy. He was about relationships. He never spent the majority of his time planning his words, preparing his next outreach event, not even speaking to the masses. The bulk of his time was spent engaging lives one or a few at a time. In fact, the only times I notice him withdrawing from everyone for alone time, was not to write a lesson or plan a mission trip. It was for the sake of his own relationship. I'm not sure that these thoughts are worth much of anything except to say that is what I've been considering the past couple of weeks. Thanks for all your thoughts. They challenge and encourage me.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    great points made. i will add this though. in fairness, there is no way for us to tell how much time Jesus spent preparing what He was going to say. it is never addressed in teh Bible and we can only speculate. i think we run the risk of reading too much into things like this if we're not careful.

    i do happen to agree that relationships is what the key is. this is something that Jesus did model for us. but i do think that great care must have went into what He said in His sermons. especially knowing that they would be the most famous writings/sayings of all time.


  2. Blogger Brian Eberly 

    I know that I personally cannot remember one sermon, lesson, or message from my high school days. I do though remember the times of hanging out with my youth pastor and other leaders. I remember the talks we had and the encouragement they gave me.

    We can't stop preparing well for the messages that we share to our students. We can't stop preparing well the events we do with them. We must, though, be more comitted to developing relationships. We must do a better job at connecting with students on a personal level. That is where the real impact takes place.

  3. Blogger Aaron Geist 

    Great thoughts. This post goes directly along with the What do they really need? post.

  4. Blogger Chad 

    Great thoughts. And yes, Sam, it is difficult to ascertain just what Jesus did in his personal times. We do catch glimpses when gospel writers like Mark link his time with God to decision like choosing the 12, or going to another place.

    And yes, we do have a responsibility to take seriously our teaching times and speaking times. Scriptures speak clearly about the responsibility of those of us in that position. I know that personally, I find myself sometimes bogged down in the planning, etc at the expense of relationships. It's easy to hide behind planning because relationships can be messy.

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