When just one church isn't enough

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Neela Banerjee, a writerfor the New Your Times wrote an article that ran in yesterday's Religion section of the Houston Chronicle about teenagers attending multiple churches. What are your thoughts or observations in your settings?

7 Responses to “When just one church isn't enough”

  1. Anonymous sam 

    this is a growing trend that will probably continue. from what i've seen, kids are not all that concerned about "tradition" and most know nothing of denominations. the ones i've talked to about it don't seem to understand denominations and the need for them. seems like the adults are way more hung up on that sort of thing and its importance seems to escape the youth culture. i can see why.

    most of the youth in my group don't come to our church with their family. most go to one of the local mega-churchs in the area, but come to our group for a more laid back, intimate feel. their parents don't seem to mind.

  2. Anonymous Iris Vazquez 

    I know this is off the subject, but i needed to find a youth ministry forum that was actually updated. I wonder if anyone could help me. I'm 20 years old and i have a part time job and go to school part time majoring in multimedia. All these classes that i have been taking have basically asked to put their work before anything that you do. I find myself the whole semester struggling to do what they expect because i am also very involved in the youth ministry of my church. I really care alot about the salvation of these kids and i can't seem to put anything else in front of or before the work of God. A lot of the time i feel like quitting school and working my part time job and going full time into the ministry. Granted my income is not the greatest thing ever but God has always provided and i've seen that. I have prayed about this, and i just don't want to make a decision that was made solely by me and not God. I really need some spiritual advice if anyone can spare it. thanks, Iris. Please email me at boricuash0wty@juno.com

  3. Anonymous Aaron 

    If it's a problem, I'm part of it.

    Being on staff and leading every week at my home church, it is nice to occasionally attend a different church and just participate without leading.

  4. Anonymous Gary Davis 

    Frankly, I am surprised that this hasn't been a trend sooner than later. I have very detailed reasons for this, but am unable to conjure them at 3am in the morning...so I will just leave it at that.

  5. Anonymous Chad Nall 

    My reaction changes depending on the day of the week. I know that when we give our lives to Christ our spiritual family becomes our primary family. It is in the context of this family that we are nurtured. What affect does involvement in multiple communities of faith have on the spiritual development of a person? What can one offer to others when he/she is continually relocating? I'm not sure. It seems, that the desire to be involved in multiple places is based on a desire to have one's needs met. I'm not sure that this is discipleship as Jesus had in mind. At the same time, admittingly I minister at a more traditional, less appealing community of faith and it does make it difficult.

  6. Anonymous Tim 

    I'm the youth pastor at a church and am certianly committed to that local body. Sunday mornings are crazy hectic and I'm usually pretty distracted during the service thinking, "Where is so-and-so? I wonder how they're doing... Oh, i need to remember to talk with this parent... don't forget to get that other kid's new phone number..." etc. Sometimes I don't even hear the sermon. :-( So, since we often do not have anything on Sunday nights, I like to attend another local church for their Sunday evening service. It's a large church, so I can sit in the back, not know anyone, have no responsibilities, and just relax and focus on worship. It's very refreshing for me to have this time with God away from all the crazyiness of my home church. My Sr. Pastor knows about this and is very supportive of it, so I don't really see a problem with it. In fact, it's been very beneficial for my walk with God.

  7. Anonymous Ryan Kellermeyer 

    I thought this might interest your readers:

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    If you have iTunes, you can get to the pocast site directly by following this link.

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