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Anyone have any ideas for the walls of a youth group room? I get to completely design a 30x30 room and am looking for some ideas.

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  1. Anonymous Grant 

    magnetic paint so you can do that poetry thing AND then paint a chalkboard up for messages.


  2. Anonymous Sarah B 

    First off I'd run a session with young people to see what they wanted but also have some ideas you could suggest to them.

    How about a mural of something? You could make it an oasis.

    Have them think about what thye would use the space for and what the vision is then move from there

    some cool ideas...

    A screen section for projecting might be handy.

    U can also do some cool stuff with uv pens and a uv lamp so you can see stuff sometimes but not at others and the glow in the dark paint for night time too - u could do an angel or something for night time.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Anonymous Tim 

    We're getting ready to remodel our youth room, too. We're painting our logo real big on one wall so its invisible until we turn on black lights in the room. Should be kinda fun.

  4. Anonymous Gman 

    Three words: Flat Screen TV

  5. Anonymous Chikatillo 

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  6. Anonymous BigBoys 

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  7. Anonymous muzik316 

    I hate spam, it never tastes that good.

  8. Anonymous Schnerples 

    Use an overhead projector and project different quotes in fun fonts, paint them on the walls and then you've got a lot of things for people to look at and read while they're ignoring what the adults are saying. But at least you get to choose what goes in their heads.

  9. Anonymous Chad 

    Thanks for all your ideas. I'll post pics when we finish. You've been a springboard for thought and ideas.

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