Is Salvation an event or process?

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Doug and I were talking last Thursday about salvation, and through the work of Down in the River to Pray, and just examining our own experiences in church, and in our walks with Christ, and the Word of God, we discussed whether or not salvation is an event or a process.

I have to be honest, I first learned about salvation in the context of "event". Repent, and be baptized, and brother you are saved!

But, my question is baptism all there is to salvation? If it's not, then there are a lot of sincere brothers and sisters who have been duped into believing that baptism is it.

So, for the sake of our forum. Share you thoughts on baptism, salvation, and what it means to become a Christian. This should make for an interesting conversation.

2 Responses to “Is Salvation an event or process?”

  1. Blogger B.Cross 

    I too have been of the idea that salvation was an event that you had to follow up on with a Christian life. However, recently I have come to the conclution that one is saved by the grace of God not upon emertion. I find that Baptism is necessary for Salvation, but not as the operative agent that many make it out to be. I think baptism is ones way of showing to others that they are accepting God's grace. Like I said I find that baptism is necessary because we need to confess/profess our faith and acceptance among men. So to answer the question, it's both.

  2. Blogger Jason Retherford 

    I am on the side of process. Something initiated by Christ's work on the cross, we participate in when we are baptized, and then something that takes the rest of our earlthy lives to understand, and see the changes orchestrated by God in our lives. For far to long the church has been guilty of getting people to the water and converting them to the church, but not so good at getting people to passionately pursue the God that passionately pursues them. Just thinking, and processing out loud.

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