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As you look back over your year, and review your ministry of 2004 what do you cherish as some of your best ministry moments? What were your worst? What did you learn in 2004 that you didn't know in 2003? What were some of the tough issues that arose this year in your group? How did you handle those tough issues? What direction do you want your group to move in 2005?

I would love to hear your answers to these questions!



To see what happened this week in class read my new post.

Commission Central


This is the title of our Wednesday night class – for this quarter anyways. This theme has been running for two weeks now and I’m really excited about it. Last week it began by asking for three volunteers to participate in a “commissioning.” I gave three volunteers disposable cameras and instructed them to take pictures of what they are most thankful for (because of thanksgiving). They were then supposed to turn them into me that Sunday morning so that I could develop them for Wednesday night class. When Wednesday night class arrived I had them get up at the beginning of class and talk about each picture (which I had put into power point, I had the pictures developed straight onto CD). Two out of three students gave their camera to me Sunday morning.

This Wednesday I talked about the parable of the talents/minas – Matthew 25 and Luke 19. This is what we learned.

1. We are not all given equal gifts and talents.
2. We are bound to use our talents in promoting God’s honor.
3. We improve and strengthen our talents when we use them properly.
4. We will be judged according to our improvements.
5. Some sinners see God as a hard, unreasonable, and tyrannical master.
6. People will be judged for neglecting to do right.
(adapted from Barnes Commentary)

After the lesson and several discussion questions I asked for three volunteers. Like the parable of the talents I gave them “talents” “each according to his ability.” To one I gave $15 dollars, to another $10 and the third $5. I gave them instruction to “put this money to work.” Next week we will see how/if they used their talents. We will see if they improved or strengthened them. I made two sections on the wall entitled “Faithful Servants” and “Wicked Servants.” The two teens who completed the thanksgiving task the week before their names were placed under the “Faithful Servant” side. The one who didn’t do the task is a wicked servant until he performs his task. His name will remain wicked for a week until he repents (he repents by completing the task of course). I am interested to see how they will use the money given to them. If they put it into the collection plate that means they couldn’t handle the responsibility and just passed it on to someone else. Which isn’t a bad thing but isn’t very proactive on their part.

I also challenged the whole class with this task. To use their talents in a benevolent way or in some way that would advance the Kingdom of God. They will learn about responsibility, stewardship, benevolence. My hope through all this is that they can learn through experience.

What other things do you think they will learn from an exercise like this?

If you were entrusted with $15 dollars and told to “put it to work” (Luke) until the “account is settled” (Matthew) what would you do with it? How would you use it?

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