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Ad I came Across


Wanted:(Name of Church, person, email, phone number) "minister with an evangelist’s heart, a shepherd’s walk, and a physician’s care who accepts mature responsibilities and possesses youthful vision; dedication to the cause of Christ’s Kingdom should be equally or more important than Canadian or American citizenship;should be ready to accept challenge of living on an island and a bit of culture shock; less than one hour from major shopping centers"

Here's the translation: "You do all the work, you help the elderly, you are to blame if anything goes wrong, want you to be young to hire you cheap, work you to death for the cause of Christ (No life but Church work), we're patriotic much like the next guy, challenge of living on an island, beware of the sharks, and well there isn't a Super Walmart nearby and good luck"

Finding God in the Outdoors



Just when I thought we were done with the use of the word Xstream!


The Core


Any of you taking your youth staff to The Core this year? The Core is a one day training event for youth workers put on by Youthspecialties. This year's focus is on hurting kids. Looks real good. I take my team each year and it always proves to be a valuable time. It's valuable for both the good content, as well as the time with my team.

There's a good promo video you can watch here.

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