Dealing with the sin in our own lives...


Why is it easy to tell a student that after he/she blew it that God will unconditionally forgive them? But, when we screw up, why is it harder for us to accept our own advice?

Dealing with stealing and lying...


Anyone out there ever had to address a student who you caught in a bold face lie or any one dealt with a student you caught stealing?

What did you do?

Prayer and grace...


One of the hopes I had envisioned for this blog was that it would be a place of heart exposure and healing. I talked to a brother today on the phone who could use our collective outpouring to God.

Without divulging more than I ought, just know that this brother needs guidance about his current ministry. Ask God to direct him to what's best for the kingdom and for his family.

Also, let's talk about grace for a minute. Have you stopped to consider the size and scope of God's grace. I marvel at all this, and wonder, "why me Lord?"

Anyone out there, amazed by grace?

Inspiration Vs. Manipulation


"The Inspiration of Matthew" - Carvaggio

How do you discern between something that is manipulative or inspirational? Do you find that distinction to be a fine line? What are some of the most inspirational moments you have witnessed in Youth Ministry, and what have been the most manipulative?

The Importance of Youth Ministry?


Found the quote from pg. 33 The Emerging Church

"Contrary to much of our current thinking about the importance of powerful youth ministries to the lifelong spiritual development of future adults, research proves otherwise: a teenager who attends a church's worship service on a regular basis and does not attend youth group is more likely to continue attend church worship services as an adult than a teen who is active in youth group but doesn't attend worship services with other age groups." - Mark Oestreicher

Thoughts? How do you integrate teens in your church?

Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort


Click the link above to see how our congregation is coordinating relief for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees in our community.

If you are in the Wiregrass Area or know an (some) evacuee(s) that need(s) assistance in the Wiregrass/ Dothan, AL area or if you want to donate your time, your money, some supplies please visit the the link here or above ( or call (334)615-HELP (4357).

Katrina Resources


Free Resources on Hurricane Katrina

Disaster Relief Video

A Christian Church that was just planted in NO, and how they are helping out.

I have a diverse group both socially and ethnically in my youth group.

Sometimes the dreaded "Discipline" word comes up. So I have 4 basic rules.

1. Respect God
2. Respect Each Other.
3. Respect the Property
4. No Dying.

Sums up the greatest commandment. Issues of abuse, alcohol, drugs, and of course engaging in activity that could get someone seriously hurt.

What rules do you have?

(Thanks to YS Update for having us as the Featured Blog this week)

What kind of youth group do you have?


What kind of youth group do you have? You know, when you take your kids somewhere for an overnight trip, do they embarass you, the church, and God? Do they poke fun of others who are different?

I was touched this morning by a story in 2 Kings 2:23-25. The balding prophet of God, Elisha, is on his way to Bethel, and an entire youth group sees him as an opportunity to have a little fun. They start jeering, and teasing, and name calling. The entire youth group. Those kids who the week before were attending church, and answering Bible questions in class. Elisha, has enough and calls down a curse, and the entire youth group is wiped out. All 42 of them.

So, what kind of youth group do you have? How can we help our kids not to jeer others, and be contradictory to the Spirit's presence in our lives?

We all have been on trips when one or more of our kids cause some trouble. I'd be interested in hearing how you incorporate discipline into your youth groups. Share and share alike.

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