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For those of you who work with smaller ministries like mine (25-40 students in grades 6-college) how do you program in age-appropriate ways without killing yourself? The more I try to be specific and reach students where they are, the more time it takes from me personally. It's so tempting to just plan for the entire group, but I know that's not good. My summer schedule is especially grueling as I try to reach students where they are in effective, appropriate ways. It can be overwheming at times. I'd love your input and reflections on this if you've got the time.

Holy Spirit Bible Study


i just completed an inductive bible study about the Holy Spirit called Spirit-uality. Follow this link to take a look.

Social Justice...


I am doing four weeks on Social Justice with my youth group. At the conclusion of this study we will be going down to Washington D.C. to join with other believers in an effort to bring attention to and end the suffering in Darfur (you can read about it here and here).

I am curious if any of you have prepared lessons on this topic, or used any curriculum that you would be willing to share? The depth of this topic has me a little confused as to the best place to start and end. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Shift work


and so it begins, fellas. Many times in the summer I feel like a shift worker. Home one week...gone one week..home a week...gone...My personal policy is not to be gone two weeks in a row. That's difficult to schedule when I don't have a staff or intern, but I've managed. I don't know about all of you, but I spend more time in prayer during this time for my family than I do my students.

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