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Does anyone have any reccomendations on youth ministry software. I have been using Youth Assistant but I have found it has some limitations (or is it me that is limited?). I am really just interested in something that is user-friendly, something "even a cave man could use. " Anyboby have any favorites or ideas, for a man with a limited budget?

Does secular music present itself as a another form of preaching?


I would argue definitively yes. Music artists do preach, and they
have fans, disciples, if you will that adopt the philosophies/worldview of these artists. So, in this regard, speaking from a cultural perspective, especially in light of what is happening all around us, I would say that music artists such as U2 do occasionaly raise some interesting theological ideals and in fact preach a message (take the song Walk On, for instance) that is influenced by, shaped by what the gist of Hebrews is about.

As a youth minister, I am constantly trying to get my teens to engage culture, to have an on going discussion what the culture that innundates them daily. I want them to filter everything through the gospel, and yet I know for the vast majority of my kids thier theologies are shaped more by what's popular in secular culture than the Word of God.

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What are your best devotional ideas?

Here is one I borrowed from Group magazine the other night with muy group. You can read it over at

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