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Hey guys,

It's been a while since any of us have posted anything new on this blog, so I thought I would do the honors. How is the New Year looking for you and your group? I don't know about ya'll but I have been busy with LTC preparation, VBS planning meetings, and youth rallies, and prep work for the Great Southwest Bible Bowl, and grad school. In the midst of this craziness and the other daily duties we come across let's make it point this year more than any other to find strenght and solace in Jesus.

Take time to be fed by our Lord. We can minister to others, but we musn't forget that we need to be ministered too as well.

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    Jason, You are a busy man. Last week I went to the Zoe conference in Fresno, it was excellent. I really enjoyed myself and came a way with a sense of renewal and refreshing. While the conference was awesome, here is what I think the best part was:
    While flying on the planes and being stuck in Salt Lake City I read two books. That's is what I love about travel it forces me to begin to catch up on personal reading. The books I read were; "A Generous Orthodoxy" - Brian McLaren, and "Do They Run When They See You Coming" - Jonathan McKee. Two awesome books, they helped me quite a bit to get back to what my mission is for 2005. It is very simply stated - Love people as Jesus Did. That's it, So Simple, yet profound and difficult.
    I have called myself on the carpet, stop being an administrator, start being a soul saver, stop being program oriented and be more people oriented. That is what I am going to do in '05. Just try and be more like Jesus and share him with my community. That is where I am at. God bless!

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