When The Answer Isn't The Answer

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As many of you know, my church is now in the process of looking for a teaching pastor. We've had a couple of informal meetings with a few guys to see if they were interested in applying.

I'm noticing something. A couple of times we've asked pretty straightforward questions and the response is like listening to a political party speech.

"How would you define a sucessful ministry?"

Life change, does it produce life change.

"So, what then are your tools or means to accomplish this goal and how do you measure that?"

Well, when Jesus enters a person - it makes them different. That's what we want to see.

"See what?"

And on and on it goes. It's exhausting. I don't remember taking that class in seminary. Do you guys?

4 Responses to “When The Answer Isn't The Answer”

  1. Blogger JD 

    I suck at interviews. You never know which question is THE question on which the whole thing turns. Questions are usually either so generic that there is almost no way to answer it without writing a book ... or so specific that you wonder what brought that on. Also sometimes I may be willing to bend in an area I do not think is all that important ... but my answer may not reflect my willingness to bend. Again, I suck at interviews.

  2. Blogger Darnell Clayton 

    Wow...glad I don't have to go through all those hurdles just to serve God (makes me just want to be a simple christian).

    A life change should just be a life change and nothing more. I use to not believe in God (boy did he change that) and if someone asked me the "goals of my life" and I responded by saying glorfying God, they would go into the details of "how, when, blah blah blah."

    Can the Lord just rapture me now? :)

  3. Blogger Grant 

    Here's a follow up question...

    Sometimes you meet someone and you just know - it's a fit. Or at least, there is something there that warrants further investigation.

    Then there are times when you know - it ain't.

    How do deal with that?

  4. Blogger JD 

    Many have said that it is like a marriage, and I agree. Sometimes that 'love at first sight' is not a good fit.

    I would hate to be on a committee to ask a minister to move and work with us. I think that the people of the community where he resides could give you better information about him than he could about himself.

    It's a wild card in many ways. Sometimes the ones who do not have the pizzazz to make a great first impresion are the best, hardest working, most conscientious ... and the one who knocked your socks off has three magic tricks and then he's done. Or not.

    How committed is a church to working with a faulty human to bring the best out of him, while he brings the best out of them? If he feels one vote away from the street, how can he really function?

    I've got more questions than answers...it's a good topic, Grant.

    Likely if you feel a guy isn't a good fit ... he probably feels the same way.

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