Anakin's Rest

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Saw SW III for the second time - caught a lot more and yes - the love scenes are just as painful the 2nd time but the saber duels are twice as it's a wash, I guess. Plus I caught a sighting of the Millenium Falcon! The all-time greatest ship in science fiction lore.

Anakin incarnates something that hit me at Emergent Conference this week. Rest. Anakin couldn't get any because he thought he had to control everything. And he knew that he couldn't.

One of the prayer stations at Emergent YS was about rest - and I was struck by the complete lack of it most of those in my profession have. I think it's for the same reason.

"I'll rest when I get things done."

No, that isn't rest. That is exhaustion, crashing, burning, cratering. It isn't rest. It might could even be labeled as recovery...but it's not rest.

Rest is getting 7 to 8 hours sleep only to wake up to take a nap with Jesus.

Rest is awaking from a nap to enjoy a quiet walk in the cool of the day.

Rest is turning off the cell phone, pager, computer and not responding to every 'crisis' that clamors for attention.

And that is only going to happen when we realize we can't or don't control ANYTHING. Rest is the result of completeness. The job is finished. The work is complete. The deed is done. At least my part of it.

Hence why REST is (should be) a spiritual discipline. It is a bold statement to our flesh that isn't on us to get it done or complete the work. It is on Christ.

And he will do it.

On his own schedule.

In his own manner.

And I can rest in that....sometimes.

2 Responses to “Anakin's Rest”

  1. Blogger JD 

    Great Post ... until we overcome the American idea that rest = waste / laziness, I doubt we will be willing to rest. How many of us minister to others from the hands instead of the heart? In other words ... much of what we do is so surface because it seldom has time to sink into our own hearts so that we can share from within. We do not have time ... we have to worry about what to present next week. Reckon it appears to be lifeless to our hearers? Rest. Something that God did, that most ministers think they cannot do. Rest, my friends ... and give God some time to sink in.

  2. Blogger David Moss 

    In the hurry of my current life (Married, 4 kids, 3 soccer teams, 2 track teams, etc) the idea of what I would call a "family sabattical" intrigues me. To intentionally take 6-8 weeks off next summer from schedules - both mine and my kids. It is the kind of experiment that you don't know the outcome of until you try and right now I would love to try it. I'm hoping I have the courage to try this and then reflect on it as a family.....but it will take courage, humility, and some changed perspectives. The more I ponder and pray about it the more I am convinced this is the challenge to take up at this time.

    Rest - time to let God sink in and a stronger family to emerge...I like that idea.

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