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As a parent, I understand the importance of disciplining our children, I'd be interestered in hearing how you handle parents that punish their children from youth events?

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  1. Anonymous Tim 

    I support the parents and take it as a compliment that students want to be at youth group bad enough that parents see it as a significant loss for a week.

  2. Anonymous muzik316 

    I think Tim is right. If you punish them from something they don't enjoy it's mute. We have to remember that while they still have the free will to choose for whatever caused there parents to make that call, God knows the choice they made or will make. To me that means that God's will is still being done even though we might think it lame. Everything is done to His glory. :: Just a thought ::

  3. Anonymous Brian 

    I too take it a compliment when students want to be at youth group, but hate to see parents hang church over their kid's head as a punishment. I always encourage parents to find something important to their child, other than youth group, to take from them for punishment. I think if a students is excited about being a part of the church we as leaders and parents need to do all that we can to encourage and foster that.

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