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So I need your HELP!

I've written some Top 10 things for Ym. Resource Books. Looking for a Youthworker. Youthworkers looking for a church. Top 10 Mistakes. Now the idea is Top 10 things to do when first getting into your new ministry. Thoughts?

Gman :o)

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  1. Anonymous muzik316 

    If the pastor says during your interview "If I ever ask you to leave you just do it" walk out at the moment & never look back.

  2. Anonymous lantz 

    Is there a vision outside of the youth ministry...

  3. Anonymous Tim 

    I have a list like this under the "Free Youth Ministry Resources" page on my blog. I didn't write it, but I have permission from the author (another blogging friend) to distribute it. It's called, "Steps for a successful beginning in youth ministry." It's the second item on this page:

    Check it out for some good ideas.

  4. Anonymous Sarah H 

    I think Doug Field's Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry is fairly good on this one.

    I'd say one of the most important things to do is to learn the history of the youth ministry and of the church. Talk to the leaders and the young people and find out what things have happened. I joined one Sunday group that had been going for six years with some of the original members and we did a timeline of members and events and it really gave me a clear idea of what their story was. I think this can help unearth any "really good" times and "low points" which may well be referred to later in your minsitry there as benchmarks.

  5. Anonymous mfoster 


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