"...for the place you are standing is holy." Joshua 5:15

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Experiential Worship borrowed from what we did @ Winterfest SW.

For example, one station was a cross where we read Matthew 27:32-44, and we were to imagine ourself at the scene. What is going through your mind? The sin of all human beings made Jesus go the cross, not the Roman soldiers who arrested and heat him. His love for sinful human beings held him there. He could have answered the taunts by calling the angels of heaven to bring him down, but he didn't, he chose to stay.

Near you are several pieces of paper and pens. Think of a sin in your life, possibly something terrible you have done in the past or something you should have done but didn't, possibly an attitude your heart tells you is disappointing to God. Write it down on a piece of paper.

Fold the paper in half. Pick up a hammer and a nail. Nail your sin to the cross of Jesus. As you nail it, think about how your sins were nailed to the cross that day in history. With each stroke, remember Jesus' words: "It is finished." He bore the pain of the cross os you could be forgiven and set free from slavery to your sin.

Other ways to spend time at the cross: simply praising God, reading, and resting in Scriptures, sitting in silence reflecting, submitting to Christ (Luke 9:23).

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