What kind of youth group do you have?

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What kind of youth group do you have? You know, when you take your kids somewhere for an overnight trip, do they embarass you, the church, and God? Do they poke fun of others who are different?

I was touched this morning by a story in 2 Kings 2:23-25. The balding prophet of God, Elisha, is on his way to Bethel, and an entire youth group sees him as an opportunity to have a little fun. They start jeering, and teasing, and name calling. The entire youth group. Those kids who the week before were attending church, and answering Bible questions in class. Elisha, has enough and calls down a curse, and the entire youth group is wiped out. All 42 of them.

So, what kind of youth group do you have? How can we help our kids not to jeer others, and be contradictory to the Spirit's presence in our lives?

We all have been on trips when one or more of our kids cause some trouble. I'd be interested in hearing how you incorporate discipline into your youth groups. Share and share alike.

3 Responses to “What kind of youth group do you have?”

  1. Blogger theoquest 

    "What kind of youth group do I have?"

    Sometimes it's scary how much my youth group reflects... me.

    My atttitudes toward people outside our group is reflected by my kids. When I'm making fun of the 'baldy's' we see, they are right there next to me jeering.

    But when I stop the van 900 miles from home to feed a homeless guy I'll never see again the chips & drink I just bought at the gas station even though I didn't need it... their hearts start looking for a chance to help someone, too.

  2. Blogger Steve 

    Great blog & great resources in the side bar! I've just finished 5 years of youth ministry but it really never ends! Blessings on you guys! Keep at it!

  3. Blogger David Moss 

    Our group is such a range in ages - 7th grade thru 12th - because of our small size. But...there is such a sense of community - they truly enjoy being together. My burden is to maintain that and nurture it into growing in love for Jesus and others. I also think our group is just a microcosm of the congregation - some solid in being present and/or in faith, many on the fringe waiting and watching to be invited, lots of masks and pretense but moments when they come down and those times are so awesome.

    Discipline? Still working that one out. I'm an "old" youth leader (parent of 4 kids) so I have to always ask myself if behavior that is occuring is just bothering ME, or if it is bothering/disrupting the group. Many times it is just me that is bothered as I have a pretty strong parent gene that screams for "control".....

    Balancing discipline and making sure that when I have to step in, it is done in a way that assures the person I'm guiding they are still invited, loved, and cared about is a challenge.

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