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I've been in youth ministry for two years now, and I would like some advice on how to recruit parents. Recruit maybe the wrong word, how do you intergrate and utilize your teen's parents in your youth ministries?

What are ya'll doing to promote spiritual formation in your youth groups? What are you doing to encourage, and equip parents to take responsibility to impress upon their children spiritual matters?

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  1. Blogger Natalie Brooke 

    Well Jason. I don't know how much this will help you. But it's been my experience in the past (with the youth group I've been involved with the longest), that when you ask a parent's opinion, ask for their help, they are more than willing to give it!

    So...our youth minister usually holds a parent meeting every few months or more often if needed. Just to keep the parents up to date on the youth group agenda. Also, at these meetings...we have people sign up for sponsorhip, etc. Have parents sign up to host the youth group's weekly Bible study. Have parents sign up to host a night of dinner at their house after Sunday night worship, etc.

    Also, we have parents sign up to pray for our teens on a certian hour of each day. There is a Monthly calendar and parents agree for a month to pray for the youth group at a certian time...for instance, say someone signs up for the 2pm slot. then they will pray for the youth group at 2pm everyday that month. This way, the parents can tell the kids that they are praying for the youth group and they do feel spiritually involved.

    Also...(i know this is long, sorry)... In the meeting...have the parents suggest what activities they might like for the kids to do...where the parents can be more involved.

    Tell the parents, and you can have elders/deacons there too if you'd like. But, tell the parents your spiritual goals for them and ask them where they'd like their kids spiritually. Honesty in this area, just telling them the goals for the youth group is a good way to open lines of communication and involvment.

    I don't know if these are good suggestions or not...just things that worked in our youth group.

    Jason, of course with anything like this...pray about it. As I know you are. It takes time, but God will provide.

    It took time with our youth group, but we've gone from barely any parental support to having almost 10 different parents (couples) go on our youth group mission trip this year. And there are parents sitting in on the youth group class just to be involved in their kid's involvement in the youth group. and involved in their spiritual growth. God is amazing! more can set up a youth group table outside your auditorium and have people of the church who may want to be involved but don't have any kids in the youth group...have them sign up to host a Bible study, or a dinner or youth event. Or have them call you if they'd like to be involved in the youth ministry.

    Just some thoughts.

  2. Blogger Gman 

    One of the biggest things is to be there for the parents - show you care.

    1. Take them (parents out to eat), ask about their children etc. Goals etc.
    2. Communicate with them. Overcommunicate - have a voicebox for announcements, send out postcards, emails, call, give resources. - I do a weekly Email newsletter to all my students and their parents. I also include Family Ministry recommendations and resources for parents. Use things like stuff like Moms N Pops at
    3. Have a small group of just parents of teens - go over different studies. Raising teens etc (
    4. Host Family get togethers etc.
    5. Make your services and moments show parents you care. Pray with them, for them, give them all the info ahead of time on conventions etc.
    6. In recruiting have specific Job descriptions such as teacher, leader, worship, prayer coordinator, newsletter etc.
    7. Have your youth group be hosted in their homes. Best way to get to know teens and their families is to have Bible studies in their homes.
    8. Be update on culture, movies etc. Recommend an article you recently read. I gave all my middle school parents the Time magazine article link. Use stuff like from and their YS Update.
    9. Recognize that parents have the most influence on teens(And not yourself) thus it would be good to recognize your Biggest ministry would be to the parents.
    10. Pick up the resource Family Based YM.

    These are just a few suggestions I can think of now.

  3. Blogger Jason Retherford 

    Nat and gman,

    Thanks so far for giving your input. I appreciate your time to respond here to these questions of mine. I ask it in hopes of maybe also helping someone else who either will ask these questions in the future or those who want to ask but haven't.


  4. Blogger Ben 

    Dude, Gman has been doing everying I've been doing. I've been a youth minister for 3 years and I agree with all he's doing. Give some of it a try.

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