"Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?'

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Hey Everyone,

I am thinking of writing a series for a combined parent/teen class. The idea is a class on basically how kids can better get along with their parents and vice versa. Helping the teens understand the parents perspective and helping the parent understand the teens perspective. I have some resources, but I would love to hear about any resources that you have used in the past and think they are worth looking at. Also, anything you have done that has worked in a class type setting would be helpful.

Fire away!

By the way I am going to use it starting in the winter, I will let you know how it goes, when I am done I will make it available to whoever wants it.

3 Responses to “"Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?'”

  1. Blogger Natalie Brooke 

    Ok...wow...I guess I get the honor of giving the first "real" comment! Maybe not so much advice but just encouragement. I really think this is a good idea. Sounds like something my former youth minister, Randy Roper, would think of. Will be praying for you about this...look foward to finding out how it goes. Maybe you should talk to Jason R. about this...kind of goes hand in hand with what he was thinking about.
    Have a great day...

  2. Blogger sara shaban 

    well when i meant that it was "more than the pleasure of their company" I wasn't implying a romantic purpose...but I felt that my encounter with this person helped prepare me for something that God has in store for me.

  3. Blogger Gman 

    Two resources come to mind

    1. Hurt by Chap Clark.

    A weekly discussion on each chapter.

    2. Spiritual Mentoring og Teens - joe white, jim weidmann.

    Also Andy Stanley has a new resource out on DVD (I'll see if I can find it)

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