YM as a Crutch?

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So I got thinking that there are churches that think Youth Ministry as a Crutch. They use, abuse, and misuse the idea of youth ministry. So here are some things that churches do that use Youth Ministry as a Crutch:

1. They see it as a way to Grow the Church.
2. They see youth ministry as glorified babysitting.
3. More programs, more outings = more fun, games and more of YMCA director.
4. They get what they pay for. So let's pay our youth minister poor, give him no Budget but we expect our church's youth group to be like Willow Creek, Saddleback or any other Mega Church (Insert Name here)
5. Isn't youth ministry just a stepping stone so young ministers can be "REAL" Ministers and get their own "Church" (Notice tongue in cheek)
6. Let's Sell. Fundraise and market Jesus. Afterall it will bring people to our church.
7. We don't want those type of kids. (What type is that anyways?) Just look after our kids. (Back to the babysitting mentality)
8. The Senior Minister is the final authority. (Translation: Don't you dare do anything to tick us off or you're fired and we'll talk to the Senior pastor before you because we don't have to come to you ...)
9. Why aren't you at all our kids events, and why did you have to have all these trips during my sons basketball season, and why is it my "Sally" can't be in the Praise Band but that girl with "Pink hair" can?
10. Everyone is your Boss.

Don't you just want to love God and love students rather than using the Crutches and politics of Church agenda.

7 Responses to “YM as a Crutch?”

  1. Anonymous Tim 

    At my present church it seems like the youth group makes up for half the volunteer work. If children's church needs another teacher, it's from the youth group. If rooms need to be painted, grass cut, papers handed out, or someone needs help moving they come to the youth group for volunteers. To me it's starting to feel like a cruth for the hundreds of adults in the church who aren't doing anything. I'm not against kids serving by any means, but not if the attitude from the adults in the church is, "We don't have to volunteer because the youth will."

    I'm probably exaggerating, but that's how it feels sometimes.

  2. Anonymous Pete Lev 

    Thanks - so much of this applies in UK too!

  3. Anonymous muzik316 

    It sad to say but true, it seems many churches use or see the youth as a crutch. I can recall one time when I served, mind you it was the only church I ever served in, and I could never get adults to help. By help I mean sit in youth wed night for crowd control. I had ten or so youth. Anywho a game turned into lets see if the youth guy will kick any of us out and well all it took was my don't throw that or your out while I'm trying to teach for me to kick one out on the first throw. I love hard ball. The next thing I know (because no adults are present) I get parents in my face as well as the pastor. I'm not even given a chance to defend myself really. (It was a big family in the church) The pastor tells me I need to go appologize to the parents & child. I then hear for an hour how wrong I was for being the adult in the room from the parents. Yeah it's a crutch all right and then they take the little rubber end off and start stabing you with it. Don't get me wrong, I love the family and asked for them to sit in the youth which they said they would be glad to, never happened.

  4. Anonymous Ali Campbell 

    There are also Churches that:

    1. See youth ministry as a vital ministry.
    2. Support and encourage their workers.
    3. Provide a budget above and beyond their means because they believe in the work.
    4. Aren't after instant results because they know a rooted, healthy work takes time.
    5. Struggle to understand the needs of young people but sincerely try their best.
    6. Expect a trained professional to step up to the mark and take a ministry to the next level - and why shouldn't they?
    7. Have leadership teams and those who "specialise" are the ones who have the most say about the particular work that they do and how they do it - not the senior pastor.
    8. Want all young people to hear the gospel and hav the opportunity to be part of the Church and Church life - even if it means mixing with their own kids!
    9. Recognise the calling on their youth leaders lives and don't coerece or pressurise them to "move on up".
    10. Love young people.

  5. Anonymous muzik316 

    Thanks Ali...

    To all... how did you know that God was calling you to youth ministry?

  6. Anonymous Ali Campbell 

    I think we are all called to youth ministry (and children's ministry) in the sense that we need to "pass on the story of God" to the next generation. I happen to be employed to equip others to do just that . . . I know because I only have peace about my working life when I am engaged, in some way, with youth and children's ministry.

  7. Anonymous muzik316 

    I agree Ali, it's all about Matt 28. For some it's more than that. For some it's a calling God places on your life. if God is calling me to fulltime vocational ministry then all I want to do is go. I'll leave my carrier behind. I want his will whatever that may be.

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