The Ideal Youth Ministry

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What does it look like?

And don't someone say Saddleback or I'll ... anyways ...


2 Responses to “The Ideal Youth Ministry”

  1. Anonymous muzik316 

    The ideal Youth Ministry.... I think “ideal” is very closely tied to demographic. It kills me when some tries to emulate what someone else is doing and wonders why it does not work. I think you can pull from others but you need to remember that each youth group is like each youth. Unique. That being said, I think the greatest thing that makes a youth group ideal is when the youth guy loves the students. You may be the greatest speaker, have the best ____ (fill in the blank), or be the hippest guy around but if you don’t show them genuine love they will exit as fast as they entered. Authenticity is a great word... but wait... it applies to the youth as well, after all it’s their ministry too. They need to take ownership. If their not involved, loving, authentic people... then, well... you get the point.

  2. Anonymous jason 

    I think the idea youth ministry is one that is actively making discples and helping to kids to find their purpose in the church, and more importantly one that helps them to see God as active in this world and their ability to partner with what He is doing in this world!

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