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I appreciate the invite to the Forum, CL.

But after this post, you might want to vote me off the island...

Fire away but be gentle!! haha

3 Responses to “My First Post....”

  1. Blogger Jason Retherford 


    Trust me your opinions are welcome here. I love how you state several times on your blog that you are not perfect, hopefully you will notice this is a community of imperfect Christian youth dudes such as yourselves, trying as you say to "ruin" students for Jesus.

    And sadly the situation you mentioned on your blog, is familiar to too many tribes.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Blogger J-Wild 

    I hope when this generation has it's time to be the leaders and thinkers within Christianity we will remember that we are not the KEEPERS of truth. God doesn't need our help on that one. But rather we are the messengers of "Good News." That outlook will radically change the church and the people inside it.

  3. Blogger CL 

    Great Point J. We have been having this long discussion on worship at John Dobbs blog - (I don't remember the code, sorry.) And the one thing I keep coming back to in all of this is that: Whether it's worship as a body, or our practices as a tradition, the bottom line is - Are you living Jesus in your world? If we are, then it will all work itself out.

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