How To Stay Motivated

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....when your pastor/best friend/co-hort in crime abandons you!!

Okay, seriously, I'm not bitter but my 'former' best-friend has just left our church to be a pastor somewhere else. Have any of you guys been through this? What helped? What kept you motivated? What sunk you and I should be probably avoid doing as well?

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  1. Blogger David Moss 

    That's a tough one. I've been thru a couple of "in-between" times in my journey....both as the one leaving and the one being left. It is hard because, at least in my situations, there was so much synergy in the ministry and impact it seemed like we were having in those moments - both on the youth we were entrusted with - and in our own lives. Add to that the depth of the personal relationship you have with a brother/sister in Christ and those times of transition can be very lonely. For me it felt like someone had landed a really solid body blow - hard to breath and a deep ache. So what helps?

    In looking back I am comforted by knowing that God has allowed my buddy and I to remain prayer partners and encouragers of one another - surely in different ways but still very present in each other's lives. In the long run I have been blessed by new friendships and deepened community by being forced out of my comfort zone and asking for help. Of course those observations don't help in the in the short term - when it felt like I couldn't breath and there was a huge ache - just letting God carry me, investing time with God and the kids that He has entrusted to me, sharing my struggle and letting myself grieve. I had to remind myself often that while my friend had left...God is still present. Also I found that makng time to rejoice in the adventure of my friend's journey and praising God for how He is moving in their life was healing for me. So much of my journey has been about just showing up to see what God will do next - with me, to me, thru me - and He will use this experience and transformation time as well. Persevering thru with patience and prayer is not an easy path.

    I encourage you to be especially "watchful" for how God will use these days to move in your life and the live's He has you interacting with - and be open to allowing others to help "care" for you during these days in prayer, actions, and thoughts.

    Sorry this is so long....and I realize not a lot of really "solid, tangible" help. Prayin' for perseverance, space to grieve, time to heal, and peace in your journey.......

  2. Blogger CL 

    Dave has some great thoughts. I would just ask this question:

    What is it that God is trying to do in the situation? Why do you think he has allowed this change to take place? Does it have anything to do with what he is trying to do, as Dave said "in, with, or thru you"? No answers, just more questions.

    I love the excitement of the story that God is working on, and I know that while it will have ups and downs, it will unfold quite beautifully according to Him who is able. Be encouraged by that.

  3. Blogger Jovan 

    I take it that when you say ‘former’ you are implying that he left on bad terms with you?

    I know what you feel like and what you are going through. My best friend/ mentor and preaching minister resigned in January of this year. He is the best friend I have every known. We worked so closely together. We studied and prayed together daily and laughed together a lot. We hardly ever made visits and bible studies without each other. We were a ministry team. His resignation was unexpected and surprising. So many things have run their course in my head. I had verbally said that if he were to leave I would leave too and find another church where I could minister. When he left I felt alone and insignificant. And to be honest I still battle with this. Being the good friend that he is he reminded me that there is more to remaining where I am than just him. I soon discovered that I could have a fruit bearing ministry without him. I realized that I really do love what I do and that I wanted to stay put for as long as possible. I still talk to him almost daily. He is just a phone call away. He is still my partner in ministry.

    Grant, remember the times that you had together and build a monument in your heart. Remember that God is with you like he was for Joshua. You can do great things without your friend around. Be understanding to his needs and reasons for leaving and call him often. Pray for him continuously.

    Grace and Peace!

  4. Blogger Grant 

    jovan, sorry for the confusion - no that was sarcasm. Is there an emoticon for that?

    Schatzy and I are incredibly close, still best friends, still talk daily so the relationship is solid...

    It's just going to work without him is ...well, weird....


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