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Hey Everyone,

I have a request for you. A good friend of mine, JD, sent me this request:

"Greetings youth minister friends!

I have spent a few hours now trying to find something for high school bible class (I'm not the teacher, so I am kind of fishing without a lure here). I have been using the Velocity series from BlueFishTV and the kids liked it. It had really cool DVD segments that lead into discussions.

So I'm figuring there are dozens of things like this out there, but I'm not having any luck with finding anything. We do not usually buy books for the teens (the bluefish stuff had reproduceable handouts). Our teacher for that class is very limited in time, but the DVD stuff helped him out a lot. He has acess to some HIGH SCHOOL TALK SHEETS and I bought him something off of next gen publishers website to tide him over until I can find more. Velocity hasn't come out with a #4 ... so ... I'm stuck."

I sent him an e-mail but you can leave your responses here or do the same, it's up to you. Either way all of your great insight would be appreciated. God bless!

4 Responses to “Resources...”

  1. Blogger JD 

    Thanks, Chris!

    I am using Rob Bell's Nooma videos on Wednesday nights with the teens.

    Any leads on good video resources are appreciated.

  2. Blogger Gman 

    I would say some of the resources at Videos That Teach series is good. As well as stuff like resources of videos and that found at . Total-TV is ok.

    I try to do a miture of media and not overload at once. Hopefully this helps.

  3. Blogger JD 

    Thanks for the response, Gman!

    Anyone going to Youth For Christ in Dothan, AL this weekend?

  4. Blogger Dave 

    I use nooma as well, it has worked great!

    I also use the igniter series videos. they are two-thee minute clips that are great launching points for discssion and worship, i think you will find them useful.

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