Success, Part 2

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Alright, I'm notorious for asking questions then just leaving the room to allow the chaos afterwards take over.

Which is a great way to lead a youth discussion, not so great if you're into control.

Which is a nice segway for my next question...

What are the competing definitions of success you've had to deal with in ministry?

Which definition have you adopted as your own personal 'compass'?

Is it in agreement or competition with your current leadership?

he, he, he...nothing like a few surfacy questions.

3 Responses to “Success, Part 2”

  1. Blogger jeremy 

    i hate to say this ... but at my last church - the leadership's definition of success was "no parents complaining." as long as the parents were happy and thought i was doing a good job, then the ministry was successful.
    sad, sad, sad.

  2. Blogger David Moss 

    Gotta love these "surfacy" questions!

    Being fairly new to youth ministry (i.e. lay leader with no formal training) it seems the standard expectation for "success" is equated with "how many kids showed up for the last event?" *Ouch* Although, as I think about it, that is always being asked by leadership…..rather than parents. In general, I have found that parents take a pretty low level interest in what is going on in “formal” youth ministry but that is for another conversation.

    Basic success for me (both personally and as a youth leader) is asking and answering the question, "Am I growing in love for God and for people?" Becoming more like Christ. How does one measure that?

    I try to look at seven areas based on Acts 2:42-47 – Fellowship, Study, Service, Stewardship, Worship, Evangelism, and Prayer. I look for balance in these areas. Can’t say that I have a “formula” to measure each of these, some lend themselves to it better than others, but I try to keep these areas in front of me and question myself in regards to how I am doing in these areas and how our youth ministry is functioning in these areas. Still – bottom line – is are we growing in our love for God and for people…..exhibiting the transforming power of a life lived for and with Jesus. Obviously, this does not have a direct correlation with "how many kids showed up for the last event".

    Thanks for asking questions that lead to creative chaos!

  3. Blogger Gman 

    Ah, the whole success thing. I'm very picky on expectations and definitions now. Used to be success = WalmartChurch or being the Next Doug Fields, Numbers = success.

    My leadership bought this lie. I have since moved on and at a church where success is defined as making Jesus smile. Discipleship - whether that is mentoring one or one hundred and one. It is the process and not necessary the ends to the means.

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