Rules - What Kind of Rules do you have?

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I have a diverse group both socially and ethnically in my youth group.

Sometimes the dreaded "Discipline" word comes up. So I have 4 basic rules.

1. Respect God
2. Respect Each Other.
3. Respect the Property
4. No Dying.

Sums up the greatest commandment. Issues of abuse, alcohol, drugs, and of course engaging in activity that could get someone seriously hurt.

What rules do you have?

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2 Responses to “Rules - What Kind of Rules do you have?”

  1. Blogger Tony Myles 

    "Don't hurt anyone on the inside or the outside."

  2. Blogger Bryan 

    I'm just starting as a youth pastor, but I ran a skateboard park ministry for 4 summers at the church I used to attend. That sort of ministry requires a few more rules, but I listed them under the "respect" categories as well, it's a good way of summing them up and so much easier to remember.
    Here's a question: As a youth worker, when do you announce the rules? What do you do when someone crosses the line, especially if they are an unchurched kid? I'd be interested in hearing any perspectives others might have.

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