Gimmicks R Not

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Church Agrees to Ban Swallowing Goldfish

What's with the gimmicks?

I mean there is even a website Church Marketing Sucks

I even saw a church that sent a BILL for $$$ to people, and a church that has WIN FREE Super Bowl
tickets that this church had earlier this Fall. (Click the link for the church). Isn't this kind of ....Well I'll reserve my thoughts. What are yours?

2 Responses to “Gimmicks R Not”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i'm not too hip on the "fear factor fish swallowing" idea, not because my heart bleeds for fish, but becaue it just seems kind of dumb to me.

    but you can always count on good ol' PETA to step in and save the day! shouldn't they be out protesting RAID or D-CON? i mean, c'mon folks, those poor cockroaches have feelings too, don't they?




    ok, now that i've got that out of my system....

    i HATE the term 'marketing' when it comes to church. we have this guy in our church who's always saying things about 'marketing' and how "we need to be marketing this product..." the product is Jesus and our church. it just sickens me to hear that. Jesus is not a product.

    i remember once he came in with one of his bright ideas that failed him in the business world (so naturally it should work in the church, right? *rolls eyes*). this guy could tell some of us weren't going for his new idea. so he says, in a very sacastic tone, "oh, whaddaya gonna do...go PRAY about it?....yeah, that'll work..."

    it saddens and sickens me when these bozos who couldn't make any of their half-baked, crummy ideas work out in the "real world", so they try to come into the church and 'market' it.

    what a joke.

    a sick, sick joke.

    i remember in the Bible the power of God brought ppl in. the witness of the changed lives of the disciples brought ppl in. but hey, what am i thinking? that stuff is all old-fashioned and outdated. the Christian life or "experience" rather, is now a product to be marketed....not a life to be lived.

    sad and sick.


  2. Blogger CL 

    I just have to say, Sam said it...

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