What does a Healthy Youth Ministry look like?

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In the past couple of posts we've looked at mismeasurement, illiteracy, success, and so forth of youth ministry.

So what does a Healthy Youth Ministry look like?

What should youthworkers be doing?

4 Responses to “What does a Healthy Youth Ministry look like?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    gman -

    thats a really great question. the standard christianese answer is "whatever God leads you to do", but i often find those kinds of answers a bit insencere, and quite frankly - lame. ive heard the "God told me so" answer given when ppl just dont want to deal with something or ponder the possibility that (gasp) they could be wrong.

    to answer the question - i dont think i know, really. i thought i did when i first got started, but now im a bit clueless. strange how that happens isnt it? when i got into YM i could see clearly what needed to be done, but the longer im in, the more cloudy things get.

    i thought i had at least some of the answers at first, but now i feel completely helpless.

    but maybe thats just where God wants me?

    im on a real journey of sorts these days and these blogs have REALLY got me thinking lately. i think thats a good thing.


  2. Blogger Brian Eberly 

    Man, I could not agree with you more gman! When I started in ministry I knew what I was doing and why. I thought I had a lot of answers. Now I have more questions than I do answers.

    We have recently boiled down our ministry purpose to simply (yet profoundly, I believe) LOVE GOD AND LOVE OTHERS TO GOD.

    If all we do accomplishes that purpose I think we are close to on track with what God wants from us.

    I, like you, gain much from the good discussion that comes from blogging. Let's continue to journey together!

  3. Blogger J-Wild 

    The most effective ministries that I have ever witnessed are the ones where the ministers themselves are healthy, balanced, and well-adjusted.

    Healthy Youth Ministry begins and ends with YM and volunteers who are themselves healthy (spiritually, socially, and emotionally).

  4. Blogger Gman 

    Some Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Youth Ministry

    1. Are becoming Disciples of Christ
    2. Love God (see #1)
    3. Because they love God, they love their neighbor. (see #2)
    4. Because they love their neighbor, they are willing to share what they have(Do missions, cup of cold water, feed the hungry)
    5. Because they share what they have - they will share who they know because of their love for God and love for others. (Aka evangelism) (see #1)
    6. Because of they are fulfilling the Greatest Commandment - they will also try to fulfill the great commission (see #5)
    7. Because they are becoming disciples; they will be a part of the Christian community as a whole; thus a part of the Family of God and not going to church; but rather being the church.
    8. Because they are being the church they will also Worship the One who died for the Church and is the Groom of the Bride.
    9. Remain faithful.
    10. Love, and have hope for the future. Eternity is longed for.

    These signs are not easily measured but visionary expected!

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