A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen.

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So I'm reading Andy Stanley's
book Next Generation Leader

And been wondering a couple things lately. I know Doug Fields
used this same analogy. But are we a "Train Wreck" waiting to happen?

By that, I mean how do you have accountability in your life?
How is your walk?
What struggles are you having?
Have you learned to Say "No"?
What is one thing you are good at?

I'll start with the above.

1. One of which I'm searching for better ways for accountability because the boundaries I currently have - I can get around.
2. It is a process of which I'm not happy.
3. Maintaining balance.
4. I'd like to think so but saying No is hard.
5. I'd say I'm more of a laidback person and sometimes that is hard to be when confrontation is called for.


2 Responses to “A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen.”

  1. Anonymous Jason 


    Good post. Thanks for forcing us to take a hard look at ourselves. We all need to do some personal inventory!

    How is your walk? Stumbling forward, a couple of steps at a time, followed by a step backwards.
    What struggles are you having? Feeling like I am the right person for my current setting, and along with that, feeling like I am never good enough.
    Have you learned to Say "No"? Not in english!
    What is one thing you are good at?I think anyway, relating to my students.

  2. Anonymous Aaron 

    Thanks for the reminder. Doug's message of the same was one of my favorites at the YS convention.

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