Emergent Critics

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The Us versus Them

Saw this over at YSMarko's site
and thought contributed much to the dialogue of the Critics of the Emergent Church. Here it is:

"I feel with many critics, the talking and arguing goes on and we keep missing each other because of the words we use and the different meanings behind them. Conversations can sound a lot like this . . .

emerging church!
ahhh . . . no absolute truth?
no . . . church formation!
ahhh . . . building?
no . . . pub-house-coffeeshop!
ahhh . . . small group?
no . . . church!
ahh . . . youth?
no . . . wider!
ahhh . . . GenX?
no . . . worldview!
ahhh . . . contemporary, CCM?
no . . . yuk . . . hell no . . postmodern!
ahhh . . . hate modern?
no . . . after modern!
ahhh . . . critical theory?
no . . . emergent theory!
ahhh . . . no absolute truth?
no . . . truth!
ahhh . . . philosophy?
no . . . culture!
ahhh . . . culture over Scripture?
no . . . Scripture before culture!
ahhh . . . hate church culture?
no . . . love church!
ahhh . . reforming church?
no . . . fresh expressions!
ahhh . . . traditional church is stale?
no . . . need contextual!
ahhh . . . compromise?
no . . . prophetic!
ahhh . . . charasmatic?
no . . . more holistic!
ahhh . . . new age?
no . . . one true church!
ahhh . . . ecumencial?
no . . . missional!
ahhh . . . overseas?
no . . . cross-cultural right here!
ahhh . . . mission project?
no . . . missional movement!
ahh . . . exploiting?
no . . . redeeming!
ahhh . . . dominating?
no . . . emerging!
ahhh . . . no absolute truth?
no . . . what? . . . shut up!

5 Responses to “Emergent Critics”

  1. Anonymous sam 

    why don't these "emergent" folks stop whining about how misunderstood they are and just be who they are? ppl always criticize that they don't understand, but constant whining about being misunderstood takes away from the focus. it reminds me of this friend i have who's a indy baptist. you always know what to expect from him and his crowd. they complain about what's wrong with everyone else and scream about how only the KJV is the bible. they waste so much time griping that serious ground is lost in their real cause. same thing with this emergent thing. quit whining and just move on with your vision. who cares if anyone understands or not? real visionaries don't pay attention to the critics, they just move on with their vision.

  2. Anonymous Gman 

    One of the problems and issues is that the critics are hounding them. Writing on their blogs, emailing them etc. So better to confront and answer their questions rather than move on and look like deception. And sometimes dialogue and understanding communicates a good thing.

  3. Anonymous Gary Davis 

    Sam...I both agree with you and disagree with you at the same time.

    Yes, Move on with the vision. If you believe it is of God, then by all means move forward because if you don't you are disobeying the will of God.

    No, You said "who cares if anyone understands or not? real visionaries don't pay attention to the critics, they just move on with their vision" And on that you are partly right. But what if the vision that God is giving you is a vision for truth? And if it is truth then does that not obligate us to share it and defend it?

    I am one of those who thinks that, by and large, those in the emergent think space have it (mostly)right. I have some issues with some of their issues, but by and large I beleive that the Church will not survive in any meaningful way (granting that God doesn't smite us all) if the emergent idea gets fully fleshed out in a living and breathing way. So, just as you study apologetics for defending the faith, so you should be willing to defend an idea if you believe it to be God's truth for the world.

  4. Anonymous sam 

    gary - point respectfully taken and completely understood. i agree that we should be willing and ready to defend our ideas/ideals....especially if we REALLY believe that God planted those in our hearts. its like i say sometimes, "yes, i do think i'm right, otherwise i'd form another opinion". afterall, why hold to something that *may* be right? a person needs to be sure, then move on with things. being double-minded almost destroyed my life a few years ago and i'll never be that way again.

    on the emergent thing though... i just think that if what they're doing is right...andd from God...God will see it through and will defend them. the love and life of these folks should be their testimony...like any christian. some ppl love their tradition so much that no matter what happens they won't embrace change. so to give them what they want, which is an argument, is wasting time. i see why they do it, but it's useless. i doubt any fundamentalist is going to say, "you know, youre right!....what was i thinking?....i see it now!" won't happen, folks.

    i think they should take the approach of the "jesus movement" ppl of the 70's. they just loved each other and modeled their beliefs to the world, and in turn, changed it for good. emergent should do the same, if it is all it says it is.

    for the record, i'm neither for it or against it, but still learning about it.

    take care...


  5. Anonymous Rev. Scott Baker 

    I am Scott Baker and I pastor Heavens Harmony Family Worship Center in Gastonia, NC.

    Just by chance ran across your site here, and read a few things wanted to make a few comments, but I would rather talk with you first and ask a few questions before I do that.

    I commented on another site with a guy and it went sour real quick. I am not into making fun of people, or attacking them as an individual (Personally). I don't believe in that. That's not God's way.

    I do beieve the Bible 100%! And I will defend the faith. As we all should.

    Please call me at 704-349-3751. I am working late on a few projects here so I will be up til 1:00 am you are more than welcome to call me I don't care how late it is.

    I look forward to our conversation

    I. H. S.

    Scott Baker

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