Kirk talks about his addiction to porn...II

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I have been so moved by the comments made from Gary that I took the time to encode the Oprah show into an mp3 that you can download by clicking here. Not sure about the legality of this, but the subject is just too important to be kept "analog." Don't worry the commercials have been removed and it's only about 40 minutes.

2 Responses to “Kirk talks about his addiction to porn...II”

  1. Anonymous Gman 

    I agree it is too big of an issue. I know of too many pastors out of jobs because of this issue. I've struggled with this and hoping not to fall but not on my own help though but through accountability etc.

  2. Anonymous Tim 

    Thanks for the mp3! I checked into purchasing the manuscripts or a DVD of it from Oprah's site, but it's simply too much for our budget.

    I've heard Kirk talk pretty openly about this subject in concert too, but at that time it sounded more like a testimony of, "Look how bad I was and now see how good God made me," as if we go to God so we can be better people. I'm curious to hear this interview and see if the perspective has changed much.

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