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What are you guys doing during Sunday morning Bible classes (format) right now? What kind of success are you having?

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  1. Blogger Jason Retherford 


    Our congregation has been doing a study on Ephesians. We are using material from Tim Woodroof. I love the material, it is bringing this book to life a new way. I am teaching our high school class right now, and sometimes I feel like the material I present is flying right by them. There is a such a difference in student attentivness, Sunday morning compared to Wednesday night. However, a few of my highschoolers let me know they enjoy the lesson, so I am torn between watering down the material for the others who aren't grasping things or keeping it where I have it. I am a little unorthodox in the class room when it helps to draw kids in. Like for example, when I taught school, I would jump on the desks, and march with the flag, and a whole host of other zany things.

    What are you doing in Bible class right now?

  2. Blogger CL 

    That sounds great Jason. On Sunday mornings I am currently doing a series called "How to Handle your Parents" It is really kind of an old thing. As a matter of fact I have taken an old book, by the same name, by Jack Exum, updated it by doing my own outlines and handing them out for them to follow and fill in blanks. It seems to be going very well. I really like doing series like this, because this is something all of my teens want to know, so they show up and pay attention. I mean, what teen doesn't want to know "How to handle their parents?" It has been an awesome time for them because they are ultimately looking at their own hearts in this study. It has been good.

  3. Blogger Adam 

    I am using a series by Doug Fields called The Bible Intitute. It's a great resource (even though it isn't "published by the brotherhood." It can be found at . It says that it is 6 lessons, but don't let that throw you. Each "lesson" lasts for months.


  4. Blogger CL 

    Adam, that sounds awesome. Doug Fields does some awesome stuff, and I use whatever I can from him every chance I get, I will check it out! God bless!

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