Dealing with stealing and lying...

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Anyone out there ever had to address a student who you caught in a bold face lie or any one dealt with a student you caught stealing?

What did you do?

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  1. Blogger jeremy 

    i have caught a youth stealing. i first confronted him with it. he denied it. then i talked with his parents about it (i let them initiate any punishment to begin with.) after continuos problems, i later asked his parents not to bring him to any more youth functions. he soon went to jail for stealing.
    i'm not sure if this was the right way to deal with it; but, it is what i did.

  2. Blogger Gman 

    Depends on the relationship. The older I get the more I'm to take them aside and say UMM want to rephrase that? Want me to goto your parents?

    Most students are honest, but body language and facial features gives alot of students away. Can you tell I use to play alot of poker?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I teach 3rd grade and I have caught a few jokers from time to time lying to me. I usually talk with them and let them know that I witnessed the act. Then I go over why the action was wrong. But sometimes you have to look at the reason behind the action. Always think before you act.


  4. Blogger tony 

    Not quite the same thing - but sort of....

    One time, me and a youthworker coleader of mine had a kid admit to us that he had smoked some pot earlier that afternoon, after some really strange behavior and our masterful interrogation skills (not). The clincher was that we were in the middle of a guys sleepover - that was at his house.

    Short term - we took the info and sat down with his mother, and excluded him from the rest of the nights activities with the other guys.

    Long term - this poor guy has major issues with interpersonal relationships, family identity, etc.

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