War Wounds?

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So what is your story? Ever been hurt? I been thinking of this lately. With the whole Sin, grace, Manipulation and the whole reality of youth ministry. The reality is that there are horror stories out there. You will be wounded. Don't give up. I'm not perfect. I'm messy. I've messed up, in fact, as a result of alot of my failures and shortcomingings; it helped mold and make me into a better youthworker.

So what is your story. Mine: A messy Canadian who ended from a broken home to Bible College to a few short ministries, to some good ones, and continues along the journey. Husband. Father. Role model. And still amazed by God's Grace. What about you?

2 Responses to “War Wounds?”

  1. Blogger Chad 

    The more I do ministry, the less equipped I feel, the more uneasy I get about flashy ministries and the latest greatest idea. Truth is, it seems I used up all those in the first few years. When the newness of it all wears off the real work seems to begin. It becomes life on life and the only thing that makes sense to me is a ministry focused on transformation. Right now, I'm in the midst of personal and ministerial inventories.

  2. Blogger Jason Retherford 


    I think you've touched on a key element of ministry and personal growth. You wrote, "as a result of alot of my failurs and shortcomings; it helped mold and make me into a better youth worker." I think this is an important concept to grasp. I know we all mess up and could spend hours and days guilt stricken and wounded, but I do think God works through our brokenness continuing to mold us into his likeness.

    Chad, I feel sort of like you do, about the longer I do ministry the less equipped I feel. In the face of our changing adolescent culture and the postmodern world this is certainly an understandable feeling.

    I like how you put it, about working through some personal and ministerial inventories. May God help you on your pursuit of what matters.

    Now, on to the good stuff...

    Gman, you asked so, what's our story? I like you have a messy spiritual quest. I didn't meet Jesus until I was 21, and since then He and I have been working on my carnal nature. It seems that though I am a living sacrifice, I sure wiggle off the altar a lot. I am in ministry, I think in large part to help teens avoid the same mistakes I made in midadolescence. I have been blessed to have been able to minister to students at two wonderful churches, and everyday I am amazed that God loves goofballs, of which I qualify. In one word to sum up my journey, you could say "roller coaster," I am not sure but maybe that is two words. Anyway, it sure has been a ride full of twists and turns, loop-de-loops and drop offs. But, thanks be to God I am still in the seat and the harness is still buckled.

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